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Configuring Microsoft Outlook (2007) to pick up your email
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 17 July 2009 10:35 AM

Instructions below are for Microsoft Outlook 2007 - Other versions of Outlook may vary slightly.

Open Microsoft Outlook

In the main menu, click on "Tools" and select "Account Settings"

This will open the Email dialogue box.

  1. In the dialogue box, select the Email tab

  2. Select the "New" button, this will open the "Add New Email Account" wizard

  3. Ensure first Option is selected - (Microsoft Exchange, POP 3, IMAP or HTTP)    Click Next >

  4. On the Auto Account Setup page, tick box - Manually configure server settings or additional server types  (bottom of the page)
    Click Next > 

  5. Select option Internet E-mail
    Click Next > 

  6. Enter your email Account information

    User Information

    1. Your Name - This is what recepients will see as the sender
    2. Your email address - Enter your full email address

    Server Information

    1. Select Account type - POP3  from dropdown box 
    2. Incoming Mail Server -
    3. Outgoing Mail Server -

    Logon Information

    1. User Name - Enter your email address
    2. Password - As set by you when creating the email account in your hosting Control Panel

    Note: For security our mail servers require authentication when sending mail.
    We also recommend using an encrypted connection for security. These features must be enabled within Outlook.

    Click "More Settings" button  - this will open another dialog box

    1. On General tab - enter a name to identify the email account on your computer
    2. Optional - enter additional information, Organisation, Reply email address if different from your own email address
    3. Select "Outgoing Server" tab
    4. Tick box for "My outgoing Server requires Authentication" & ensure first option is selected (Use same settings as incoming mail server)
    5. Click the 'Advanced' tab
    6. Under Server Port Numbers change the value for Outgoing Server (SMTP) to: 587
    7. For incoming server select the option "This server requires an encrypted connection(SSL)"
    8. For outgoing server set the option "Use the following type of encrypted connection" to "TLS"
    9. Select OK to save settings
        Return to previous screen and click  Finish to complete the setup

Your email account is now set up in Microsoft Outlook, press 'Send/Receive' to pick up any new messages.
Please note that if there were any messages waiting to send in your outbox, you should open each one and resend to ensure the new settings are used.

The exact procedure may vary depending on your email software and version. If you are using the older name for incoming or outgoing mail server - this is OK, both will work.

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