Publishing Your Website (Linux)
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 17 July 2009 09:45 AM

There are several possible ways to publish or upload your web site content to the server. 

Using FTP
The recommended method of publishing your website is to use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client to upload your site files to the server. An FTP client is a piece of software that connects to the server and allows you to both view files on the server and transfer files between the server and your computer. Several FTP clients are available to download on the internet such as CoreFTP (available at, but often FTP is built into the software that you use to design your website (e.g. Dreamweaver).

Your web pages should be uploaded to the /webspace/httpdocs directory.

The information you will need to set up your FTP client and connect to the server is available within your hosting control panel. To access:- 

  1. Login to the control panel at
  2. Select "Hosting" from the Top Menu*
  3. Select Web Space (icon on page or side menu)
  4. Select FTP Access (icon on page or side menu)

The setup of the FTP client may vary but you will need the FTP server, document location and the FTP username & password.

* If you cannot see a Hosting option, click on Select Subscription and select your hosting subscription.

Using the File Manager

Your web control panel contains a file management facility. When you log into your file manager, it will display all files in your home directory. Your web pages should be uploaded to the /webspace/httpdocs directory. The file manager will allow you to upload, download, move, copy , rename, and delete files. You may also change the access permissions on your files - often necessary for cgi scripts.

To access the file manager:-

  1. Login to the control panel at
  2. Select "Hosting" from the Top Menu
  3. Select "Web Space" (icon on page or side menu)
  4. Select "File Manager" icon
  5. Click "Open File Manager" button (you may need to activate it first)

Navigate to your webfiles by selecting Webspace and httpdocs

To edit an existing file, click on the file and download to your computer, edit using your favorite text or HTML editor snd re-load when complete.


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