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Delays on inbound emails on [Resolved]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 29 November 2016 11:34 AM

There are some delays on emails inbound on right now because of a larger than usual quantity of messages in the processing queue.

This is being worked on now and should be resolved within the next hour.

[Update 12:15]

All queues are operating normally.

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Updates to Automation Systems [completed]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 21 November 2016 08:03 PM

We will be performing updates to our core automation systems on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th November.

Hosting automation systems will be upgraded on the morning of Friday 25th between 12am and 8am.

There will be some short outages after 9pm on Thursday 24th to allow for pre-upgrade checks and database snapshots.

Control panels may be intermittently accessible during this time but we recommend not performing any DNS changes or major website changes between 9pm Thursday and 8am Friday as these may be interrupted or delayed.

Email, DNS, SaaS and Cloud VPS services should operate normally during the upgrade, however some short duration outages on shared hosting are possible during this time as individual hosting and database servers are restarted.

As announced previously, the legacy Site Builder 4.5 product is no longer supported due to lack of browser support.Access to SiteBuilder 4.5 will be removed during or shortly after the upgrade - sites will continue to display but it will no longer be possible to update them using SiteBuilder 4.5. It is recommended to migrate such sites to Parallels Presence Builder 12 or to transition to a content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress.

[Update  00:00 25/11]

Maintenance has commenced.

[Update  08:50 25/11]

Maintenance has completed.

There may be some residual delays logging in to updated control panels but these should clear out over the course of the morning.



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Maintenance on email systems [completed]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 16 November 2016 10:53 PM

We will be performing maintenance tasks on the Qmail systems that provide email services associated with shared hosting accounts between 11pm on Sunday 20th November and 4am on Monday 21st November.

Access to email services will be restricted for periods during the above window.

If your email program prompts you for a new password for an address while sending or receiving, please do not change it as the original password will work after maintenance is complete.

[Update 03:40 21/11]

Maintenance is completed.

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Network maintenance on 31/10 and 1/11 [completed]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 27 October 2016 11:33 PM

We will be performing maintenance on our core network in the early hours of Monday 31st October and Tuesday 1st November.

Maintenance will take place between midnight and 6am. During this time there will may be network latencies with access to services slower than usual. There will also be a network outage of up to 1 hour during the time periods above during which email and web services will be inaccessible.

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