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June Bank Holiday Arrangements
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 03 June 2016 01:05 PM

Our offices will be closed from 4:30pm Friday 3rd June to 9am Tuesday 7th June 2016. Sales and Accounts departments will be closed during this time.

Technical support during this period will follow our normal out-of hours process (see below).

Our online store will be available for domain registration, and hosting account signups 24/7 during this period, however please be aware that .ie registrations will not complete until the IE Domain Registry resumes processing on 7th June 2016.

Support tickets can be submitted through our Support Website  and via email at

Please remember also that the resolution to most issues is available in the Knowledgebase  so you should always check there first.

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Authentication issues on mail servers [Resolved]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 16 May 2016 11:17 AM

There is an issue with one of our email account authentication servers at the moment.

This may prevent users logging on to webmail or fetching mail from POP3/IMAP accounts.

We expect this to be resolved within 15 minutes, but please check here for updates.

If outlook or other email program prompts for a new password you should not enter a different password - once the server is working correctly you will be able to log in normally.

[Update 11:30]

Authentication servers have been restarted and email services are operating normally.

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Network issues [Resolved]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 12 April 2016 03:41 PM

We've seen a significant slowdown on several services in the last few minutes, this is affecting email and web for some customers.

It looks to be a network issue, we are investigating and will update soon.

Update [16:05]

There is an intermittent issue on our network, we expect to last at least another 60 minutes.

Update [17:30]

We are seeing an increasing amount of traffic hitting our network at the moment. Working on this but expect at least another couple of hours.

Update [21:30]

We have had some progress in reducing inbound traffic but it appears to be a concentrated attack and all our fibre links are at full capacity at the moment. Due to the scale of this attack (200x normal traffic) we will need to mitigate this externally.

Update [13/4 08:00]

We have been working with F5 throughout the night to mitigate this attack. We are routing traffic through some serious hardware and we hope to have everything up and running around 9am.

Update [13/4 09:15]

The attack is still ongoing but is being mitigated fully since 8:45 so is not affecting services. All web services are operating normally however email is likely to be slow for a period while queues flush out over the course of the morning and while additional mitigation rules are put in place.

Update [13/4 12:00]

Mail queues are still slightly higher than normal but these will clear out over the afternoon.

Update [13/4 18:00]

The attack is still ongoing but is being mitigated so is not affecting services. All services should be operating normally.

Update [14/4 08:00]

The attack ceased yesterday evening.

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Cessation of Windows 2003 VPS Hosting [Scheduled]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 25 March 2016 09:19 AM

Microsoft Extended Support for Windows Server 2003 ended in July 2015.

This means that it is no longer a supported operating system and Microsoft have ceased providing security updates for this OS.

If you have not already migrated your application to a supported operating system (Windows Server 2008R2 is the closest supported version) then it is essential that you do so as soon as possible to prevent possible compromise via un-patched security vulnerabilities.

As per our previous announcements, when requested, we will provide Windows 2003 VPS customers with an equivalent Windows 2008 R2 VPS free of charge for one month to allow for migration. When the older 2003 VPS is deactivated, any remaining time can be moved pro-rata to the new VPS so there are no cost implications for early migration.

The scheduled shutdown date for all Windows 2003 VPS hosting is July 14th 2016 (one year after the 2003 EOL).

We strongly recommend that all VPS customers that have not already commenced migration planning, begin this process without delay in order to allow time to test your new application instances.

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