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Migration from Postini Message Filtering to Symantec.Cloud Email Security
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 30 May 2013 03:40 PM

During late May and early June 2013, we will be migrating customers currently using the Postini Message Filtering Service (operated by Google) to a new cloud based email security platform operated by Symantec.

This is because Google have announced the discontinuation of the Postini service.

The migration process is quite seamless and there should be no effect on email delivery.

Around the start of June, we will create parallel customer accounts on the system, and register the correct email delivery routes. You will see this on your control panel as a new subscription entitled "Secure Email Domain" or similar. This subscription will have the same term and expiry date as your original Professional Spam Filtering subscription. You may receive an email notifying you about the new order placed on your account, this will have a zero value and no actual payment or invoice will be generated.

We will also register the same set of domain names and email addresses as on the existing Postini system.

During the second and third weeks in June, we will switch mail flow away from the Postini US based servers and through the Symantec European servers.

For customers with email services through Irish Domains, no intervention is required, we will switch over email delivery onto the new platform and observe the correct mail flow (please ignore any test emails that you might receive from our Migration team).

For customers with in-house email servers (such as Microsoft Exchange) we will likewise switch over email delivery, provided DNS on the domain is accessible to us, and provided that your firewall does not block the Symantec servers from delivering mail.

If your DNS is not accessible to us, or if your firewall is blocking email delivery, we will detect this and contact you in advance in order to arrange the changeover at a convenient time.

Once the transition is complete we will notify you and send you details of how to log in to the portal and administer your account.

Further information on the migration process and the new service can be found in our Knowledgebase using the link below:

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