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How to create another admin access for your control panel
Posted by Richard Moran on 14 June 2013 12:46 PM

There may be occasions when you need to give another person access to your Control panel, either temporarily or permanently. When you add an additional user to the account, you can restrict the access the new admin has to certain roles or subscriptions within your account.

You can for example, create a new admin access for your web developer and confine their access to the particular hosting subscription they're working on, keeping your accounts and financial information private. Companies may wish to create different admins for their accounts department and technical departments, confining the admins roles strictly to there own specific areas of operation within the control panel.

To add a new admin..

  1. Select "Account" from the top menu
  2. Click on "Admins"
  3. Click on "Add New Admin"
    • create login details for the new admin ( login/username & password)
    • add the relevant contact details
    • Next
    • Select Full Access [tick box] - this just allows login access to the account
  4. Finish

With the new admin created, you can now add the relevant "Roles" to the new admin so they can access various areas of the control panel

  1. Click on "Admins"
  2. Click on the new admin name
  3. Click on "Manage Advanced Settings"
  4. Under the Roles" tab, click on "Add"
    • You can select one or more of the following:-
      • Select "Account Administrator" for access to account & billing features
      • Select "Webspace Admin No DNS" for limited hosting access
      • Select "Webspace Admin" for full access to domain & hosting services
  5. Submit

Note: where you have more than one hosting subscription, the Webspace administrator role can be restricted to a specific hosting subscription by selecting the Managed Subscription tab (under Manage Advances Settings), clicking on the "Restrict access" button, then selecting the specific subscription you wish this to apply to.

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