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Installing an SSL certificate on your hosting subscription
Posted by Richard Moran on 24 February 2017 04:55 PM

IMPORTANT: your hosting subscription must be capable of running SSL and switched to an exclusive IP address


Installing the SSL certificate is quite simple, you can use our handy Clipboard method to simply cut & paste the certificate into the boxes provided.

Select "Websites" from top menu

Click on the domain name you wish to install the SSL certificate on

Click on "Web Hosting Settings"

Select the "SSL" Tab

Click on the "Install New Certificate" button

  - choose "Clipboard" as the install from method

  - Cut & Paste in the certificate contents into the Certificate box    (including the begin & end tags -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----   -----END CERTIFICATE----- )

  - Cut & paste the Private key used for generating the CSR into the Private Key box  (including the Begin and end tags -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----)




For new certificates or if instructed to by your Certification authority, you may also have to add an Intermediate or CA certificate

Click on the "Add New CA certificate" button

  - choose "Clipboard" as the install from method

  - Cut & Paste in the intermediate or CA certificate contents into the CA Certificate box




You can then test the SSL certificate by visiting the site using https://

The page should display without any SSL Error warnings


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