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How do I change Nameservers on my Domain ?
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 17 July 2009 03:15 PM
Caution: Please note that once you change the DNS to third party nameservers, the domain is disconnected from our email, hosting and DNS systems. If the domain is not configured correctly on the new nameservers this may prevent your email from working or make your website disappear. 

You can change the name servers on your domain from your control panel
  1. Log on to your control panel (
  2. Click "Registered Domains"
  3. Click on the actual domain name to modify (not on 'Manage DNS")
  4. Click Manage Name servers button
  5. Replace the existing name servers with the new name servers for your host
  6. Click 'Update DNS Info to Registrar' button

After you have done this, if you have changed to name servers other than ours, you should disable DNS on our systems for the domain to prevent old zone information being visible locally. To do this:

  1. on the list of domains, click on "Manage DNS" opposite the domain you have changed
  2. Click on "DNS" tab
  3. Click button 'Change DNS Hosting to External' if you are no longer using our name servers,
  4. OR, Click button 'Change DNS Hosting to Internal' if you have switched back.
For .ie domains, the IEDR perform technical checks on the new name servers to ensure they are configured authorititavely for the domain. This means that the domain must be configured on the new nameservers before submitting the domain request or the change will fail with an error.
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