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Adding Domains to a Plesk VPS
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 19 July 2009 08:45 AM
If your VPS package includes Plesk Control Panel, you can use Plesk to manage domains and websites on your VPS and to provide individual site control panels for your clients. You can access the Plesk admin panel on port 8443 on the main IP address of your VPS.

https://79.170.XXX.YYY:8443    (Change XXX & YYY to match your IP address)
There is also a link available from the VPS Management section of your control panel.

In order for a domain in Plesk to connect correctly to the main name servers and, it is necessary to assign the domain to Plesk via the Irish Domains control panel as well as configuring it for hosting via Plesk.

If the domain is already on another hosting subscription in the same account, it must be deleted from that account.

Removing the domain from the old subscription will usually remove all emails, site content etc from the old subscription so please ensure you have an externally stored backup taken of any critical content before doing that.

Note that where the old site has to remain operational while the new site is developed it is possible to add the domain via Plesk *first* provided this is done correctly according to the instructions below. When the domain should go live, it can then be added via Irish Domains control panel so that DNS is updated correctly. In all other situations the domain should be added first via the Irish Domains control panel and then configured in Plesk.

Adding the domain via Plesk

Click "Subscriptions" and click "Add a New Subscription"

Fill in the "Domain Name" field , and assign a Username & Password.

If this domain is to have a website, select a domain plan "Unlimited" is a good default choice.

If the domain is to be parked, or later aliased on to another website, set domain plan to "none"

Click "OK" to create the subscription.

Adding the domain via Irish Domains control panel

Ensure the correct Plesk VPS subscription is selected at the top of the screen.

Click "Hosted Domains"

If the domain is not listed there:

    Click "Add Domain Registered Elsewhere"

    Enter the domain name, and set Web Hosting and Email Hosting to "Parallels Plesk Panel"

    Click "Next" and "Finish"

If the domain is listed there:

   If there is email and/or web hosting configured, then remove them.

   Click "Add Hosting" (on the General Tab)

   Select "Parallels Plesk Panel"

   Click "Next" and "Finish"

If the domain shows "not registered" then you may need to contact support to have it approved.

Note that if you are adding a domain that has *already" been configured on Plesk, then you must ensure that the domain has its own hosting subscription in Plesk and is owned by the main user in Plesk and not assigned to a created customer. Otherwise, an error will be displayed when adding the domain via the control panel. If necessary, ownership of the subscription may be temporarily changed, then the button "Resubmit the domain to Plesk" can be clicked to retry.
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