Creating Email Addresses in your Control Panel
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 17 July 2009 09:58 AM
If your domain is registered, and is connected to an email only hosting or web hosting package, then you can set up email addresses on your domain. 

To create email addresses, first log in to the web control panel at and proceed as follows:
  1. Select "Mail" from main menu (if this is not displayed, select your hosting subscription from the Subscription Drop Down box at the top of the page)
  2. Click on the "Add New Mailbox" link in the Mail section of the page

Service user details:

  • Under Display Name: Enter the name of the Mailbox owner (this is usually a persons's name, like 'Joe Bloggs')
  • Select 'Login in existing domain' and enter the first part of the email address (like 'jbloggs') in the box
  • Enter a Password (twice) that you will always remember for this email account
  • Click "Next >>" button (Don't click "Generate new password" unless you want a horrible random password assigned)

Add New Mailbox:

Email address: enter the first part of your email address & from the dropdown box, select the domain name you wish to create the email under. If you want the new email address to work for all your domains (one mailbox), you can select "All Domains" from the dropdown.

Advanced Features

Enable Virus checking and/or Antispam checking if required


For normal purposes, ensure 'Create storage' is ticked. This creates a physical mail box to collect your mail.
You can then set the storage level (max 1GB)
Note: If this address is intended only for forwarding on to another address, then un-tick 'Create storage' box.

Email forwarding

 If you want to forward emails to another email address, tick the "Enable Forwarding" box and enter the email address(es) you want your emails forwarded to.


Tick box if you require an email notification confirming account setup & enter the address this should be sent to.

Test Message

Tick if you require a test message to be sent to the new email address

Click Next >> and Finish

Your email account is now set up. You can repeat the above for any other accounts you might want. 

You can start using this email account immediately via WebMail by going to and logging in using the email address and password you entered above.

For details on configuring Microsoft Outlook, other email programs or devices to access your mail, please select the relevant article from the email setup section of our Support Knowledge Base.

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