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Outlook - Message stuck in Outbox
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 27 July 2009 09:52 AM

Sometimes a message can get 'Stuck' in your Outlook Outbox. Most frequently it happens when you try to send a very large message.

Occasionally Outlook will not allow you to delete such a message. In this case, one of the following methods may work:

  1. Open the message from the Outbox and close it again. Now select the message in the Outbox and press DELETE.
  2. Put Outlook in offline mode. To do this go to File-> Work Offline. Restart Outlook and see if your message will delete now. (You can try the first way again). Remember to switch back to Online mode again.
  3. Create a new pst-file: File-> New-> Outlook Data File… Set this pst-file as your default delivery location in your Account settings; Tools-> E-mail Accounts-> Button Next. Restart Outlook and your previous pst-file should show up as the secondary set of folders (if not, open it) and you should easily be able to remove the file from the old Outbox folder (or you can delete the entire folder). Set the original pst-file back as the default delivery location again and restart Outlook; the Outbox folder will be recreated and will be empty.
  4. Use the Microsoft MDBVU32.EXE tool to forcefully clear the Outbox (Experts Only).

If using methods 3. or 4. then you should back up your old PST file first (don't say we didn't warn you).

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