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Using Firefox with FireFTP to access & edit your website files
Posted by Przemek Kozlowski on 18 November 2010 03:13 PM

If you use Mozilla Firefox web browser, you can install FireFTP, a handy plugin that will give you "one click" access to your site files via your Irish Domains Control panel.


Installing FireFTP

  1. Click on the FireFox menu icon and select "Add-Ons"
  2. Select "Extensions" from the left menu and using the Search box, search for "FireFTP"
  3. Download the FireFTP plugin & Install.

You may be prompted to restart FireFox to complete installation


Configuring FireFTP to automatically open FTP Links

  1. After restarting FireFox, click on the menu icon again, and select "Add-Ons"
  2. Select "Extensions" from left hand menu
  3. You should see FireFTP Installed - click on the "Options" button on the right
  4. Under "General" tab, tick the box to 'show hidden files'
  5. Under "Interface" tab, tick the box for 'Configure FTP links in Firefox to automatically use FireFTP'
  6. Click OK and the Addons tab.

You are now ready to access your site files using FireFTP.
  1. Login to your control panel at: using Firefox
  2. Select ‘Websites" from top menu (if Websites not visible on top menu, select your hosting subscription from the subscriptions drop-down box on the top right)
  3. Click on your domain name
  4. Click on ‘FTP Access’
  5. Click on the link next to ‘FTP Server’ (this would usually look similar to: and your FireFTP should open automatically, displaying the content of root directory on your hosting account.
  6. Navigate to the public HTML for your domain, generally this is:   /webspace/httpdocs/domain  - this is where your website usually are, unless modified in your control panel.
  7. You can drag & drop files from your local computer (left pane) to the server (right pane) and vise versa.



Warning: Modifying files directly on the server means that you will not have an up to date local copy of your files or website on your computer as a backup.When modifying files, we strongly recommend that the files be downloaded and saved to your local computer, then modified and re-uploaded to the server.

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