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Where do I find my FTP details?
Posted by Richard Moran on 25 October 2012 10:49 AM

You can find your FTP details within your Irish Domains Control panel.

  • Log in to your control panel ( with your administrator username & password
  • Select "Websites" from the top menu - (if this is not displayed, first, select your hosting subscription from the dropdown box at the top of the page)
  • Click on the domain name of the site you wish to upload to.
  • Click on "FTP Access"

The information you need to connect to the server via FTP will be displayed.

FTP Server:  (this is the FTP server name)

IP Address:   (Not usually required but can be used as an alternative to the FTP server name above)

Home Directory: /webspace/httpdocs/   [adjust domain as required]

The root location on your server is /webspace/httpdocs, however there is usually a folder created for each individual hosted site on the account. In most cases your website should be uploaded to the folder with the same name as your domain.

FTP Login name: xxxxxx   (this is your FTP login or username)

FTP Password: *******    (Your FTP password is encrypted so is not visible)

If you do not know your FTP password, click on the "Edit" button, tick the "Change password" box and enter a new FTP password, re-enter to confirm, then click on "Submit" button - only use the "generate new password" button if you wish to generate a new random FTP password. Take careful note of the new password before clicking on "Submit".

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