Enabling new email addresses on Email Security
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 17 June 2013 12:54 PM email security uses a system of address registration to ensure that only validly addressed emails are allowed. This means that all email addresses you use (whether a full user address, or an aliased or forwarded address) must be registered on the system.

If you create a new email address on your domain, it will not receive messages from external users until it is registered.

You can register additional email addresses on Email Security as follows:
  • Log in to the Portal
  • Click "Users and Groups" -> "Address Registration"
  • Select the domain for which you would like to register new addresses (or remove old ones).
  • If you only have one or a few addresses to register, use the "New Address" button
  • If you have many addresses to register, use the "Upload Multiple Email Addresses" button
  • Addresses that work on multiple domains, must be added separately to each domain

When using the "Upload Multiple Email Addresses" option, create a text file containing each address on a separate line, and save this locally on your PC. You can select this file when uploading, and you can also select whether the addresses are added to the existing set of registered addresses on the domain, or if the old set is removed and replaced with the new ones.

Instructions for accessing the ClientNet portal can be found here:

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