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How to enable Quarantine in
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 28 June 2013 03:47 PM

By default, will reject all emails that it identifies as likely to be Spam. 

Please note that because of Symantec's industry leading false positive rate, this is the recommended setting, and you can always check the disposition of any or all messages via the Track & Trace utility in the portal.

However it is also possible, if you prefer, to divert some classes of probable spam emails into a quarantine system, where individual users will be able to log on and check what is stopped and/or release emails. We do not recommend that you do this for all emails, however you might, for example, choose to do this for emails stopped by the predictive spam detection (Skeptic).

To enable quarantine for your spam messages, proceed as follows:

  • Log in to the Portal
  • Click "Services" -> "Anti Spam"
  • Change the action for some types of message to "Quarantine the mail"
  • Click "Quarantine Settings"
  • Adjust frequency of notifications, and other settings as appropriate.

When the first message is quarantined for any email address, the system will send an email to that address. The email will contain a link that the user can click on to visit the quarantine center for that email address. Note that it is possible (and recommended) to define alias addresses for any user's quarantine so that they do not end up with multiple quarantine centers.

Instructions for accessing the ClientNet portal can be found here:

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