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Scheduled Network Maintenance [Completed]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 09 June 2021 06:40 PM

We will be performing maintenance on our network between 0100 and 0400 on Monday 14th June 2021

This is to facilitate work by an external provider and also to enable internal network hardware changes.

Some delays and intermittent outages on hosting and email services between the times above are expected.


Maintenance has started.


Maintenance has completed.

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IE Registry Maintenance this weekend [completed]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 13 November 2020 03:44 PM

The .IE Registry are undertaking a major platform migration this weekend whereby all their domain management, API and administration systems are moving to a new platform. 

The migration process will involve suspending all .ie domain management (including registration, renewal, transfers, nameserver changes) from 10am on Sunday 15th November 2020 until at least 2pm on Monday 16th.

Domains will continue to resolve correctly so there will be no interruption to websites, email or other services using .ie domains, and DNS record changes via our systems will still function normally (provided no change of name servers is involved).

Although explicit domain renewals will not be possible until the new system is up and running, no domains will be suspended over this period. However it will not be possible to renew already suspended domains (expired > 40 days) and these will be deleted approximately 5 days after commencement of the new system.

As this is a major software change affecting the .IE Registry and all Accredited .IE Domain Registrars, timescales are subject to change and some disruption to domain management may persist after the migration period above - if that happens, please bear with us (if a change is urgent, please open a ticket on our support site at using the listed admin or technical contact email address on your account and we'll do our best to help).

[Update 10:00 15/11/20]

Registry migration has started, .ie domain operations will be offline ontil Monday afternoon.

[Update 14:00 16/11/20]

Registry changeover has completed. Some operations may be delayed or impacted for the rest of today until matching changes on our system are fully implemented.

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Cert issue on email access [resolved]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 17 June 2020 12:58 PM

A few customers have reported cert errors appearing on email access.

This looks to be an issue with one of the email cluster nodes.

We expect a resolution shortly - please do not change any email program settings.

[Update 13:45]

This has been resolved.

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Problem with VPS hardware node VZWIN15 [resolved]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 26 May 2020 10:30 AM

The above hardware node is unresponsive as of approx 9:25 and is not running VPS services currently.

We are investigating the underlying cause and will update soon.

The following VPS IP addresses are affected:

Update [10:15]

The issue appears to be related to the underlying storage systems on the node, we will evaluate recovery options and update around 11:00

Update [11:10]

Problem is intermittent node restarts due to a hardware issue which is making live migration an issue. ETA for fix is about two hours.

Restore from overnight backup to alternative hardware is available for any VPS on request, just let us know via email to if you need that.

Update [14:00]

The issue has been resolved, containers should be running OK.

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