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Intermittent Network Issues [Resolved]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 18 November 2018 09:45 AM

We are experiencing some intermittent network issues this morning.

It is manifesting itself as occasional short interruptions to network access.

We are investigating the cause currently and will update once we have more information.

[Update 10:05]

Network issues have been resolved.

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Network Maintenance [Completed]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 10 November 2018 07:17 PM

We will be performing network maintenance tasks nightly from Wednesday 14th November to Sunday 18th November.

Work will take place on core network routers and switches between the hours of 11am and 5am on the above nights.

Short periods of outage or increased latencies are possible during this time, however we will endeavor to keep these to a minimum.

[Update 15/11/18 04:25]

Maintenance has completed for tonight.

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Issue with VPS Hardware node VZWIN13 [Resolved]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 28 September 2018 01:28 PM

We are investigating an issue with VPS hardware node VZWIN13 that is currently nor responding.

This is affecting a number of VPS containers with the following IP addresses:

[Update: 13:45]

This is due to a hardware issue (RAID controller).

The node is back online for now however it is likely we will have to replace the RAID controller in the near future.

We will schedule maintenance on this node between the hours of 2300 - 0200 (Sat) for further investigation and possible hardware replacement.

This may result in some further unavailability during that time but we will try keep this to a minimum.

[Update 23:20]

We will be taking this node down for hardware replacement shortly. We expect containers to be unavailable for up to 30 minutes.

[Update: 23:55]

Maintenance on this node is complete.

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Network maintenance [Completed]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 21 September 2018 04:36 AM

We will be performing maintenance on our network between 0100 and 0600 on Thursday 27th September.

This is to facilitate work by an external provider and also to enable internal network hardware changes.

Some delays and intermittent outages on services between the times above are expected.

[Update 05:45]

Maintenance is completed.

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