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Upgrades to Hosting Automation Systems [Completed]
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 10 December 2018 03:20 PM

We will be performing a major upgrade of our Odin Automation platform commencing 18:00 on Monday 17th December.

From this time, account login and control panel access at will be unavailable or intermittent until the upgrade is completed on Tuesday morning at approximately 10:00.

During the upgrade, impact on live services will be minimal but administration via control panel will generally be unavailable.

There will be an additional shorter outage on billing systems on Friday evening at 6pm lasting for 2-3 hours.

Registration via web store at will not be possible during the period.

Service specific impacts:

DNS - Individual servers may be offline for periods of time but redundant servers will answer requests (name server and DNS record changes will not be possible).

Email - No impact to clustered lMAP/POP3/SMTP services (creation/removal/password changes to accounts will not be possible).

Webmail - Access via will generally be available (access via control panel will not be possible).

VPS - Containers, VZPP and Plesk will not be impacted (administration via control panel will not be possible).

Linux Cloud Hosting - No impact to live sites on Cloud Linux cluster (administration via control panel will not be possible).

Legacy Web Hosting - Short duration outages will occur at times (administration via control panel will not be possible).

Billing - Overnight subscription renewals may be delayed by up to 24 hours.

Store - Domain and hosting signup will not be possible during the period.

Spam Filtering - No impact. Login via or will work OK.

Presence Builder - No impact to live sites (editing/publishing of websites using Presence Builder will not be possible).

WordPress - No impact to live sites or direct login (access via control panel will not be possible).

[Update 14/12/18 18:00]

Initial maintenance is scheduled to begin shortly, billing and ordering will be unavailable for 2-3 hours.

[Update 14/12/18 21:20]

Maintenance is complete for this evening, control panels are back online until Monday evening.

[Update 17/12/18 18:00]

Upgrade has commenced, control panel access will be intermittent/unavailable from now.

[Update 18/12/18 08:15]

The majority of upgrade tasks have completed and customer control panels are accessible again. 
DNS records updates via control panel may be accepted but delayed for a further period of time.
Signup via web store will be unavailable for the next few hours, signup/renewal via control panel will work fine.

[Update 18/12/18 10:00]

Upgrade process is complete.

A number of restarts to legacy web hosting are pending and will complete this morning.
Note that PHP5.3 is now officially deprecated on our hosting systems, please ensure to select PHP5.5 or higher via control panel.