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Registrant verification now required for many domains
Posted by Helpdesk Admin on 24 January 2014 10:10 AM

Registrant verification is now required for generic top-level domains like .com, .net, .org etc. This is an ICANN-mandated process aimed at ensuring the listed registrant for such domain names is always contactable.

What does this mean ? 

In practice it means that you must validate any email address that is used as the main contact on one of these domains in order to ensure the domain remains active.

Domains that are unverified for 15 days will be suspended. Suspended domains are still yours, but they won’t work until you verify the email address. That means your site won’t load, and your email won’t work.

What top-level domains need verification ?

Registrant verification is needed for any generic top-level domains administered by ICANN.  A rough rule of thumb is that if the top-level domain is longer than two characters, then it usually needs to be verified. It does not apply to country code domains like .ie or .eu etc. Registrant verification is also required for the new top-level domains like .club, .photography etc.

Registrant verification is easy !

Registrant verification is a pretty simple thing – you get an email, you click a link, you are verified!

When do I need to verify my address ?

You need to verify your email address at the following times:

  • When you register a new generic top-level domain name (like .com) using a contact email address that is not already verified.
  • When you transfer a generic top-level domain and the new contact information contains a contact email address that is not already verified.
  • When you update the whois information on a generic top-level domain with a contact email address that is not already verified.

When any of the above events occur, a verification reminder email will be sent to you at the time of registration. You must verify the address by within 15 days by clicking the link on the email in order to keep the domain active. 

Warning: An existing domain can become unverified!

Apart from the above situations where you change the contact information on the domain, there is one important additional event that can cause your domain to become unverified. Every year we send you a whois data reminder (WDRP) email reminding you to check that your whois information is correct. If that email bounces because your contact email address is invalid or not working, then your domain is deemed to be unverified and is liable to be deactivated within 15 days.

For the above reason, we STRONGLY recommend that the contact email address both on your domain AND on your account does not contain your own domain. So if you have registered, please don't use an address like as the contact address on OR on your Irish Domains account. This is to prevent an obvious catch-22 situation where a domain could become unverified and suspended, and we have no way of contacting you!