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How do I turn off autorenew or cancel a domain or subscription
Posted by Richard Moran on 24 March 2014 05:14 PM

Note: All domains & services are initially set to renew automatically. This is standard industry practice and is important to prevent the loss of service or loss of valuable domain names. 


You have full control over the auto-renew settings within your Control Panel, both at a global level for all subscriptions or for individual subscriptions.

As the renewal date for any service or domain registration approaches, our system will automatically send a series of email notifications to the billing contact on the account to advise of the upcoming renewal. The email will indicate if the specific service or domain is set to auto-renew.

 A service or domain can only auto-renew if:-

(1) it is set to auto-renew (default setting) and

(2) there is a valid credit or debit card set as a default payment method for the account. 

To switch off auto-renew on an individual Service or Domain, or cancel the subscription

Select "Account" from top menu

Under Subscriptions section at the bottom of the page, select "Registered Domains" to a change a domain setting or "Subscriptions" to change any other service.

Click on the individual subscription name or domain name you wish to change.

Full service details will be displayed, name, status, period etc as well as Auto-Renew on or off .

Auto-renewal for the subscription can be changed by clicking on the "Turn OFF Auto-renewal" or "Turn ON -Auto-renewal" button at the bottom of the page.

Domains and services can be cancelled by clicking the the "Cancel Domain" or "Cancel Service" button 

Note: If you switch off auto renew, the domain or service will remain live until the expiry date. You will continue to receive renewal and expiry notifications.  If you cancel a domain or service, you will no longer receive notifications regarding the subscription.


How do I disable my credit card for auto-payments:-

Log in to your control panel

Select "Account" from the main menu

Under "Payment Methods", it will show "Auto Payments: On or Off"

To view the payment methods set up on your account, click on "Payments methods". This will list the credit or debit cards configured on your account, as well as showing which, if any is set for Auto-payments.

To change your Auto-payments method, click on the card for full card details & select the "Disable Auto-payments" or "Enable Auto-payments" button as required.

You can add/remove cards to be used for payments by clicking on the "Add Credit or Debit card" link, or you can modify or remove cards by clicking on the individual card, then selecting "Edit" or "Remove" as required.

IMPORTANT: This is an account wide setting. If there is no card selected for auto-payments, no domains or subscriptions set to auto-renew can be charged automatically.



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